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Continuing the discussion from Mark's Odds and Ends Bug List:

That change would only show up in a new modeling window (which it states at the bottom of the screen)…perhaps we need to blink this or something when a setting has changed…?

Wow, that’s a funny one. Looking at the code was the only way that I could figure out how to enable the Sidebar palette dropdown and set it to a custom palette. Ouch. For some reason, the only way to enable the Sidebar palette is to disable (uncheck) the Show ribbon bar. @marlin, can you help here? Is there some logic here that I’m missing? Perhaps it’s that we don’t want the selected Ribbon item to override the sidebar palette? Or…?

That was the only way I could get it to work as well, and one should be able to do both. Prolly a logic problem in the themes dialog somewhere.