Object Snap Menu Greyed Out

I been having an intermittent problem where my object snap menu gets greyed out and won’t let me change the object snaps that I want to use. This problem has carried over across the last two releases and happens no matter what file I use. Annoyingly, it sometimes works fine only to stop working midway through a file. see attached photo:

This ought to be fixed in the latest WIP. Please let us know if it’s still not working as expected.

I’ve been having this same issue. I downloaded the latest WIP just to make sure, and it was fine for a day or two, but now it’s back to doing the same thing. If I switch the osnaps off, then it stops being greyed out and will allow me to select or deselect options, but it quite often also won’t allow me to actually snap to anything at all when osnaps are switched back on after this. I can fix this by toggling them on and off a few times but obviously that isn’t the ideal way to work!

I am also experiencing the same issue… it happen usually more often when I want to change the snap settings when another command is active, but maybe this correlation is not relevant.

Hi all-

If anyone can reliably replicate this one (I can’t) please let me know. We believe we have seen it on our end, but we’re having trouble replicating the issue again.

i had this happen to me today. (osnaps greyed out in both ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor and via the icon up top)… i was in the middle of something and didn’t have time to fidget with it so i just relaunched rhino and it went away…

so add me to the list of people that have seen this happen yet can provide zero info on what caused it to happen :smile:

Hi, bug is still there in the new release. It’s hard to replicate. It happens to me a few times a day and always while accessing the Osnap dropdown menu and being in a command. Restart is the fix.

Also see screenshot of my theme setup, maybe it only occurs with the command options dialog enabled?

I don’t think that’s the case. I use the same setup as you’re showing and experience the problem at times but, I’ve also seen this behavior reported by brian who uses the default settings.

I’m thinking of creating a new tag for bugs like this: I think I’ll call them “Sasquatch” bugs.

Is this only effecting the Osnap popover (the one at the top?) In other words: when you witness this bug, does the Osnap “panel” (the one normally on the lower-left of the screen) get greyed out too? I expect it would…but I want to make sure since I haven’t seen this one myself.

they all go… i mostly use ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor and that one greys out too…

I found a small bug that might be the cause of this. This is fixed in the next WIP release. This bug would randomly cause this problem, so we will only know if this fix works if it stops randomly happening.

haha… I like your thinking :wink: