Sidebar tool palette config

Hello Rhinoceros Mac Users.

I have the last version Installed and I don’t know how I deactivated the Principal+ standard tool palette from the Left sidebar and I cant reactivate it, I can only show this palette as a flotating mode not anchored to the left sidebar as it comes in the last version of Rhino Mac.

How can I Bring it back?

Thanks for your help

Jorge Medina, Spanish user

I’m not quite sure what you are describing, so I’ll suggest several things.

If the sidebar is not visible at all:
In the upper left corner of the modeling window, click the button under the three red - yellow - green round buttons to hide and show the left hand sidebar. Does this help?

If the sidebar is visible, but does not have the tool palette you want:
Select Rhinoceros > Preferences in the application menu.
Select Themes.
Change the sidebar menu with the highlighted drop-down menu.

If you are using the command options dialog:
Perhaps you collapsed that tool palette to a zero height and the Osnaps panel is at the top of the sidebar. If so, click and drag at the top edge of the Osnaps panel to slide the divider between the Osnaps panel and the tool palette down.

Marlin, I appreciate this is an old post, but it’s the closest to my question about the left sidebar that is bugging me. The OSnaps checkbox panel is there and I’d rather it weren’t, and I can’t see how make it disappear.

The reason is, that it’s necessary width prevents me narrowing the sidebar such that the Command icons form only two columns, rather than four or more columns.

I’m working on a 30" screen and there is wasted space between the bottom of the icon rows and the top of the Osnaps checkboxes. Having the checkboxes down there is anyway unnecessary, as the Osnaps are always available at the top of the screen.

I was able to lose the checkbox area with Rhino Mac 5, but apparently not with version 6. Can you advise please?!

risking a quick comment maybe i have overseen something, but if you go to rhino preferences/Themes you can uncheck “Include Osnaps panel in sidebar”, for model space and layout space individually.

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Thank you!