Potential Rhino 9 WIP Feature: Flair

Your reply made my day!! I’m so thrilled about this new addition.


Ok, so just to confirm, since I just started working with Rhino 8 Beta today…Flair is no longer in the build for Rhino 8, yes?! I ask this since I opened an old file today, switched my view mode to rendered and Flair was not a visibly available option. Also, _setFlair is an unknown command. Do I have this right? thanks

That is correct; flair is no longer in Rhino 8. We will be releasing a Rhino 9 WIP soon that will include flair as that is where we can continue to experiment with this feature.


can you please edit the initial post or even the title to make it more obvious / faster to find that this feature is (what a pity) not in V8 Release - thanks.

done, Fwiw… if you want this feature, we will need support from users for it to have any chance.

Please speak up and let @jeff feel the love for his work on this.

I love this feature but my voice matters much less than the community’s does because I get rhino for free.

we want to make sure our dev resources are spent wisely on features that make Rhino great for you all.

To use this in v9 wip-

Install v9 wip from here-

download this
FlairSDKHarness.rhp (537 KB)

Launch v9, then drag the .rhp file to a running v9

close and restart rhino, then right click a panels tab and choose “show panels”

look for “Rhino Flair!”

load up that one and you’ll get the flair options.
It’s very Wippy at the moment, but hopefully @Jeff will give it some love as he is able.


a bit of topic - but did you see my idea of pay and vote features

Thanks Kyle!

I love Rhino flair, have used it a lot and I think it’s a great feature…what would it take for it to be a ‘great feature for all users’ ? Just curious.

In my opinion:

1- Preset-adjustments are saved in the Rhino document.
(2- (optional) High quality presets)

We need this for display modes too.

That way we can have predictable outputs of Rhino regardless of what machine opens it.
If not then adjusted display modes and adjusted flairs are just toys that each and every designer plays with on their workstations for their own sake. I can not stress this enough, we NEED to be able to open an archived Rhino file, or a Rhino file created by a colleague on their computer and be sure we get the same output when we produce drawings or renderings.


That’s a question we always ask you, our users to answer. :wink:

I’m a fan of it as is, and have some opinions, but there have been some very vocal opinions from users that what we started with wasn’t good enough.

so, I’ll turn it around and ask what would it take for it to be great for you?

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That’s why display modes (and effects like Flair), need to be saved with the Rhino scene.
My request from last year:

Yep, display modes need to be saved with the 3dm. This has been on the wish list for a while. We need to carefully design how this data is stored as there are a lot of subtle issues involved.

I don’t think this is really specific to Flair features.


lol got it - we’re chasing our tail - for me it’s fine as is as well and can’t complain.



Ok, that is great to hear.

Anything you would change about it as it sits? These conversations are now happening as we start to discuss v9.

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How could I?

I wouldn’t dare to say ‘change this’ or ‘change that’ when it comes to flair.

I am just one of countless users and I never asked for it and never thought of it! I’m 100% cool with it being a thing that gets gradually developed whenever bandwidth allows, just like any other feature the software is packed with and the team deems important. To me it’s always been an added bonus that helps with the ‘artistry’ related to modeling.

Flair is not ‘needed’ to make Rhino great nor to set it apart from other modeling programs. I know others could jump to squash this comment and request that flair, the Rhino UI, or whatever else gets reworked to a gold standard - which is a different story.

Rhino, on the other hand, is a modeling platform (and of course, much more than that, yes), for many years it needed plugins to make renderings look nice, now it doesn’t. Meanwhile McNeel is always working on it and always trying to respond to all inquiries, complaints, and even hate! I am guilty of it too! Now I try to be conscious of it. Bottom line: if flair did not exist yesterday and it shows up today as a plus, how could I ask for it to be better? On what grounds? Ha! I think I’m just paraphrasing my past reply on this thread.

Thanks for your interest!

you are too kind- :wink:

thanks for that. Watch this space, as it develops I will update progress.

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Awesome - users should add to this thread with their flair experiments whenever they can or play with it. I bet that makes it better, plus gain traction, more so than dissatisfaction!

Something I did during Halloween last year:

I modeled absolutely zero things, just posed free downloaded models and used flair.

Not saying it’s good, just saying it was effortless.

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Nothing to add to this thread other than upvotes for the quotes above. I’m a total novice and highly intrigued.

Edit to say: the examples of flair posted in this thread remind me of when I first discovered Rhino and blundered into a world of unscripted possibilities with my work. It rewarded the imagination. I can’t imagine how useful flair would be yet, but unleashed into the wild there’s no predicting how far users will take it.