Potential Rhino 9 WIP Feature: Flair

SetFlair command

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Also add a panel and look for Rhino Flair!
to get the options


I have the very latest update and i don’t have this panel among available ones.

I got permission to share this… drag it onto a running session of rhino and then restart rhino.

(you may want to store it in your plugins folder )

then load a the new panel- it’s called Rhino flair! .


it’s very wip and may break, stuff may not work, and is potentially more unstable than my high school girlfriend . Use at your own risk and save often.

FlairSDKHarness.rhp (537 KB)


This is very cool and works fine. Some styles, like Noir, suffer from bad antialiasing but this is something than can be adjusted later. I hope it gets implemented before shipment date.

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Hello guy’s, rhino V8 render flair is missing, why?

It won’t. The development and research for this pretty much stopped the day it came out in the WIP. I wrote the plugin to test the SDK interfaces so I could test-drive the features. Since everything was halted, the UI was pulled so that localization for it wasn’t a time suck. The plugin survived and is what some people use to sort of get things working.

However, based on the initial feedback, it seems we may need to change directions anyways, so it might not even last very long in the V9 WIP (once it becomes available)… I dunno…we’ll see.


Please, at least, leave it as an .rhp to install, just like it is atm.


Flair is a great tool as is!


looking for the dislike button :sweat_smile:

JK, thank you for letting us play with it for now - understandable


Hello, Under Rhino 8, I am unable to access the Fair menu.
(there is no menu)


If they are worried about flair not working 100%, they should just make it a free optional plugin for V8. That way they can say it’s “as-is” and not have to worry about the extra overhead of maintaining it to a certain standard. Maybe that’s the plan.

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Exact! Thanks, I hadn’t seen this post…

Posted two weeks ago by Kyle:

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May I suggest something, @jeff .

Generally, in most rendering software, everything is contained in a “box”. This means that it is difficult to access the OpenGL pipeline directly from the software. Except using material editors or node editors.

the problem with these tools is that they are modeled on top of predefined shaders.
And I often feel that it is more difficult to learn the editor than directly the GLSL language.

In Cycle (or just in shaded mode), I find that this possibility of defining “low level” materials is missing.
I’m really a fan of the GHGL project. But there is still a lot missing.

I am currently trying to make the changes that I think are important.

  • I provided support for tessellation
  • Now I’m trying to bring synchronization with source files. (RhinoCode is really good, but a built-in editor will never be worth as much as a full-featured editor like VS or something)
  • at the same time I plan to improve LSP GLSL to support OpenGL 4.6
    Currently I only brought linter support (glslangValidator) to work with all shader types (.tesc, .tese, .geom, …)
  • Next, I would like to be able to draw instances with Ghgl (glDrawElementsInstanced). For forests, urban areas with lots of silhouettes of people/cars, etc…
  • And finally I would like to be able to use feedback buffers.
    This is essentially to be able to “bake” the terrain generated by GPU tessellation.

Maybe you could tell me: what does this have to do with the Flair feature?

Well, I guess the “low-level materials” built into Rhino will allow the community to create plugins similar to Flair.

This integration would be a big plus compared to other software. (In Blender there is OSL, …, I never understood how it worked…)

And the possibility of feedback buffers will take you to another world, that of GPU computing.

So ! it would be nice if a real development of Ghgl’s idea was achieved.
Personally, I will succeed in developing something. But I’ll stop at what I need and it won’t be stable production quality.


Flair will show back up in the Rhino 9 WIP and we’ll try to figure out what directions it could take at that point in time. The Rhino 9 WIP will be available on the day the Rhino 8 is released. We’re a bit too focused on Rhino 8 at the moment to formulate any plans for flair.

With regards to GhGL, I am hoping to find some time to convert GhGL to use WebGPU shading language syntax instead of GLSL. Now that we have switched to metal it would be nice to be able to use a shader language that could be compiled to either GLSL or Metal which is something that WebGPU does. This really doesn’t have anything to do with Flair (at least not now).

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Ok, thank you for these explanations.

and please, the _TestFancyCurves as well.

TestFancyCurves is gone. All of the functionality has been added to Rhino 8 as linetype settings.

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For rhino 9 will it take 3 more years? The option that I most expected was the restrictions