Potential Rhino 9 WIP Feature: Flair

Flair makes it easy to give your designs the feel of sketches or paintings.

Try Flair

  1. Launch the RhinoWIP and open your favorite model.
  2. In the viewport menu, switch to Rendered mode.
  3. In the same viewport menu, navigate to Flair > Noir (or Colorize etc).

To customize the Flair effects, go to Tools > Options > View > Flair.

NOTE: Currently, Flair is on Windows only, but Mac support is planned.

NOTE: see latest post here for updated install and use instructions-


Thank You Kyle,

My understanding these are more like a photo filter applied on top of the viewport display. Sorta like toon shading that is done through posterization .
I’m not anticipating a sketchy lines (that are wiggly and extending beyond the intersection lines).

I’ve been playing with it since late September, I haven’t reached a visually desirable results from my side yet. Hopefully it will evolve more as I get more familiar with it.
I’m sure things will get easier once you post a video to introduce everyone about this feature. :sweat_smile:

Hi -

Possibly not. Perhaps it would be more fruitful if you could post an example of what you would like to obtain?

to be fair, it’s still developing,

you will want to look at tools>options>view>flair for some settings you can fiddle.

it’s cool because the settings update the viewport as you change them.

material choices and types also have a large impact, for instance glass will flair much differently than transparent plastic.

Videos coming soon!

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I like to use Raytraced with a very high energy sun, say bumped up to 50 even. Then add some flair.

Even a simple scene of spheres on metallic groundplane looks cool then, since you get proper inter-object reflections as well, etc.


oooooooooooo! :heart_eyes:

And here a re-imagining of a F1 car by @theoutside .

3 samples of Raytraced, decreased bounces, sun at strength 35, roughly from “behind” the viewer. Added a couple of post effects (bloom with lots of color bleed, filmic for high contrast. Flair: painted:

Same car, rendered with a few more samples (50, default bounces), no post effects, no flair


oh hell yes…

I think it works well for product design when you have a form of exposed materiality, my thoughts for the use in architectural field is to have some sort of toon display that are useful for diagrammatically showing a duotone look like the below:

or Sketchy line outcome like the below:


I tested all default settings for flair, I think I need to seriously tweak the defaults:

The options I have above seems to be what we used to do when we were in school, take a screenshot and apply filters from Filters Gallery in Photoshop. This is definitely not what I consider NPR.

In 2011 Autodesk introduced similar styles in 3Ds MAX and I’ve never seen anyone using it in the design visualization world.

Non-Photorealistic Styles | 3ds Max | Autodesk Knowledge Network


hi @theoutside, @nathanletwory, McNeel folks,

I think it’s great to have some NPR viewmodes in Rhino, yet what you are showing here all looks… very dated. Also overly saturated, noisy and burned out. These are more like renderings gone wrong, than a desirable shading effect you would see in a marketing campaign of a product launch.

I think the potential is there, but it needs more visual curation, more shading work and more contemporary taste. Here are some good relevant examples/sources of inspiration:

  1. Scroll through here: Browse thousands of 3D images for design inspiration | Dribbble
    …explore also the various subcategories (animation Branding Illustration Mobile Print Product Design Typography Web Design…)

  2. Also here: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=3D%20illustration&rs=sitelinks_searchbox

  3. Shading effect for halftoning and hatches, like this:
    Manga Shaders v2.0 Gumroad Promo - YouTube
    (I remember seeing some work like that happening here, maybe by GH folks?)

Also I think you should consider having settings for material overrides: plastichy, glass, metals without us having to go each object of our model and reassign materials. And color palette overrides: to get some of those nice same-hue, tonal or gradient styles. Curved and/or blurred reflective backdrops could be nice too.

I hope this helps,



I’m more biased into defined lines and surfaces, especially selectively on specific objects. these are collection from pinterest that I think it really shows the power of NPR.


That is what the options are for- you can curate it to your own personal taste.


Strongly Agree with this. In the display options in rhino are both one of the most useful and most frustrating parts of Rhino this seems like pretty limited addition to them. I’ll have to have a deeper play later.

I know proper NPR is probs outside the roadmap but it would be great if for version 8 some work could be done creating less dated presets for the display modes and some general fixes to that side of things, I still get a lot of graphical artefacts in display mode output and myriad of other minor but frustrating issues.

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looks really nice - I am looking forward to the mac version because I always missed penguin for the mac. It looks like this thing is doing something similar (and more) :slight_smile:

That was my impression too, unfortunately… Lacking in subtlety IMHO. :grimacing:

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No I can’t. Not even close. Not at least with the settings and capabilities the tools have now, or at least what you are exposing right now.

Even if I could, how is this helpful to your average user? Your default presets for this should be gorgeous, that was my point here. I’m trying to help you guys, happy to go over this with you or anyone else if you want to explore how to build something good.




So far my impression is similar: fantastic idea but implementation not there yet (or at least with these presets).
For example, Pencil Sketch is really nice, but why no setting there to control the edge thickness, which is quite basic for this type of style?

This is just an example, overall, I wish we were given ALL possible parameters of custom flair display to play with and create our own “Flairs” from scratch and share here.

@Jeff - very cool to see the “layers” for flare display. So far also hi-res viewcaptures work well with Flairs. Would it be possible to have a command that captures/saves all the “Flare” layers/passes separately so we can compose and mix and match them outside of Rhino, combine with normal screenshots etc?

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fiddle this setting.
The options here work well if you roll them with a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can see the effect in real time on screen.


SaveActiveFLRDef and LoadFLRDef will allow you to export and share a flair style. The File I/O is, as is this tool, all subject to change and development.

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Ida, Monument Valley - Gallery - McNeel Forum
I think these can be implemented under the rendered visual, mode like specific quick edit studio HDR and some updates to control of edges and isocurves.