Got Flair?


Flair! Obviously very cool at the same time an early prototype for sure (at least UI) - wondering if you can share some thoughts on the final goal with this new display eye-candy.

After checking it out in latest WIP I have a few questions:

  1. It takes some time to turn on each mode and switch between modes. However seems like it goes faster than processing geometry for Technical/Pen modes. Does it use the same engine to get the shape outlines or intersections or it’s a different animal? Technical is great but way too slow to turn on for complex model we work with, so wondering if there is a hope for this one to make it usable as NPR.

  2. Once the flair is on, selection becomes visible at just object outlines - this is very cool, are you planning to implement outline-only selection indicator or some variation of it in V8?

  3. Seems like these are display mode independent, same effect applies to Wireframe, Shared, Rendered etc with various results. So this is basically a new “special effect” layer of visual post-processing of the viewport?

  4. For now only Pencil shows some sort of customization UI - is the plan to have each provided mode to be customized or we will be able to create any custom “flairs” with a set of various UI parameters?

  5. Right now when rotating the view the display switches to technical-like black and white display - is that by design or a bug?

Very exciting overall, looking forward to seeing more development on this!



I wholeheartedly agree! :slight_smile:

Hi Jarek -
Those questions are really for Jeff but I’ll make an attempt at answering some of it. I’m sure I’ll get put in place when that fails…

  1. The technical display pipeline and the Flair effects are completely different things. The slowness in the technical display modes is because those need an extra, and different, set of display meshes. For the Flair effects, the shaders need to be compiled. Depending on your GPU, that process might be slower or faster.

  2. Selection shades object outline only - probably not in Rhino 8.

  3. The Flair effects are display mode dependent, yes.

  4. Customization - Jeff has just committed code that provides options for all but the NOIR Flair effects. That should be in the next internal release and, by extension, in the upcoming public WIP later today. For this iteration of the Flair feature, the effects are pre-determined but will have some degree of customization through these settings.

  5. Fallback black and white while manipulating the view - that is by design.

What do you expect to change before this can be upgraded from an early prototype stage?

Is there a plan to incorporate _TestFancycurves into it? also more Flair options are always welcomed.

likely no… Unless something drastic changes Testfancycurves sadly seems to be heading to the pile that wont make the cut for v8 despite my constant wingeing to the devs about it. It may live again in v9 if I get my way, as I have no intention of letting it go without some louder whining.