Wish: Sketch display mode

It would be great to have a view mode that looks similar to iPad sketches. For some projects (industrial design) it’s much faster to experiment with shapes in Rhino than make lots of sketches. But for a concept design presentation, these can be too precise and ready-looking, so I often use these models to make 2D sketches out of them which I then colour in Photoshop. If Rhino had a view mode that looks like sketch, I could do this much faster.
What I mean by ‘looks like a sketch’:

  • some lines are a bit longer than needed, others are shorter, some tangent and hidden lines also visible, but not all
  • lines are thicker in the middle, and thinner at the ends
  • the lines have a texture, some imperfection
  • the colours and shadows are also imperfect, not exactly following the shapes
  • the possibility to capture the view with layers (or something like the clown pass in Keyshot), so it’s easy to further manipulate is Photoshop. Separate silhouette, hidden lines, tangent lines, shadows, and colours. Or it simply saves a bunch of png files at the same time so I can quickly combine them in Photoshop and delete what I don’t need.

have you looked at this?

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You guys are mind readers :smiley:
I’ll try it out :ok_hand: