Plan View Depth Problem

I’m having an issue creating plan views that show anything below the cut plane, even in the simplest of models. I’ve tried changing level offsets, visibilities, changing the plan view’s view depth, tolerance factors, etc…

Any ideas why this would happen?

Hi @ethanmiller Does that happen with Rhino geometry only or with VisualARQ objects too? Can you send me that model to so I can check it out?

The error occurs with both Rhino geometry and Visualarq objects - I just sent you the file

Hi @ethanmiller got the file thanks! I can see all goemetry in the Plan View (except some missing block definitions), but I suspect you can’t due to an error with the last version update (2.0.14). We will upload a new release (2.0.15) later on today , so once it is available, open your model with it and update the plan view (vaUpdate). Then let me know if the problem persists:

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Hi @ethanmiller,

I’ve just published VisualARQ 2.0.15. Please test and let me know if your issue with the plan views is fixed.