Bad Slab - Plan Cut Display Error

Hey Guys,

Visualization bug with a slab. For some reason, it doesn’t appear to be displaying it’s section pattern when cut in only plan view. Also, it appears to be only this slab.

Note that it displays just fine in section and perspective. Here’s a link to a file with just the slab.

Any idea how we can fix this one?


Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

I couldn’t reproduce the error: it is visible in my computer:

I see you have more objects in your file, I am not sure if that might be the reason but, as it is the only difference I see between yours and mine… please, could you send me the file with the other objects as well?

Are you toggling the cut plane of the “GR” level in all views?

Hi Alfonso,

Hmm, that’s interesting. I was able to recreate the bug in the smaller file.

I’m… a little stumped here. The issue has to be in the settings on my Rhino install? I can’t think what would affect visibility of an object in a plan cut that’s specific to that instance of Rhino! Any guesses?


Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

The reason this slab is not visible on the viewport named “Top” is because the level “FF - 1” is hidden, and the bottom level “GR” has a “Top” offset of -1’-0" (which is the default top offset set by VisualARQ):

If you change this value to “0”, the slab will be visible.

The “Top Offset” and “Bottom Offset” properties of a level indicate an offset applied to the cut plane when showing/hiding levels. This feature was added to VisualARQ precisely to hide slabs, so when you hide a level, you can see objects below the slab, that normally is at the top of the bottom level. This feature is like the “Offset” in Revit’s “View Range” dialog.


Hi Enric,

That’s it, looks like I was cutting through an edge of the slab which was creating a rendering issue on my PC, but not others.

Problem solved, you guys are the absolute best. Thanks!