Picture frames lost their pictures

Sightlife Plan flr3.zip (859.1 KB)

A young designer in our office has created this drawing and used a (huge) multitude of “tiles” to achieve the look she’s trying to get. Each tile is a picture frame, which suddenly lost its image. Can anyone tell me how to get these back?

Due to the very involved directory structure, I can’t begin to upload all the images, but she still has them and they are still in their original locations.

What I’m looking for is akin to the re-pathing of an Xref in AutoCAD.

Hello- was the Rhino file moved, saved to a new location? Note (for the future) PictureFrame has a command line option to embed the image in the Rhino file- it sounds like maybe this might lead to a huge 3dm file in your case but maybe worth a try next time.

If we manage to re-attach the images to the picture frames, you can use (again watch file size, if that matters, with zillions of picture frames)


to get them embedded in the file.

All that said, of course this should not happen- so please let me know about the 3dm file location. Also, are the images local or on a network?


Thx, Pascal. I lost track of this thread. We discovered the text that replaced the graphic and stated that the file could not be found.

I run into this problem often when my file starts to get large. Usually RefreshAllTextures will get the images to display as long as the paths to them remain correct. When that doesn’t work, closing and re-opening Rhino usually does.