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Newbie to the forum.
I’ve been using Rhino for around a year and have started to bring work home with me. I’ve found when I save a rendered model on my work PC and open it again on my home PC, the material doesn’t show. Rhino seems to be following the file path to my work PC and so it can’t find it. The same happens when i’m tracing using picture frame images. The files are saved as Rhino 5 model on my USB stick. Is there a way for Rhino to save all the information in the model without it linking to external files?
I’ve looked on the net for some info but couldn’t really word my question correctly.

Hi Daniel - in DocumentProperties > Rendering, set the check mark for 'Save support files in 3dm file" and on PictureFrames, when placing them, set Embed=Yes

After the fact, to embed a placed picture frame, use the test command testSuckTextureIntoBitmapTable
You’ll need to type the whole thing or copy/paste as it will not auto complete; test commands do not autocomplete, are not supported and ‘use at your own risk’



Thank you Pascal.

Hello, having same issue, but on R7 I cant find the suggested path under DocumentProperties. (Pasted img from clipboard on file, then saved the file, upon reopening, image is blank). Any update on the topic? thanks in advance!

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In R7, make sure “Save textures” is selected when saving.


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