Image Not Foound

Is there any way to overcome this?
I complete a file, send it off to the client, they ask for revisions and then if there are any jpgs in the file, I have to rename them and then re-insert them with Picture Frame to get rid of this message.

It’s a bit confusing. In AutoCAD that message indicates the file can’t be found because the jpg has been moved or something. But because it can’t be found, there’s no image, just the message. Rhino can see the image (it’s right there behind the message) but still insists it can’t find it.

A minor irritation. Thanks in advance for any advice you’ve got.

From the Help article for PictureFrame:

Rhino stores the image in the 3dm file. This increases the file size, but ensures that the image is always available to the picture frame surface.

Thanks John. Should have figured that out myself.