Image Not Found

Picture frame has worked as expected until just recently when I’m getting a gray area with the “Image not found” error message in it. Searching the forum I’m finding nothing useful. Is there some way to purge and or repoint to an image file. I’m using PNG types for the transparency.

If the image no longer loads and wasn’t embedded, it’s possible that you have renamed or moved the image file - to reload it in Windows you can either select the surface and refind the image via the properties panel or you can go straight to the materials panel, see image below from Windows version for guidance;

Thanks for getting back to me. Happy New Year!

I’ve attached a SS. The problem seems to be with .PNG files at this point, however I was able to import one a few days ago as you can see in the front image and it reads transparency. (2.4 MB)Top2.3dm (170.9 KB)

James, the images load up here ok, automatically when the images are in the same folder or sub-folder as the Rhino file, as in first Screenshot. If the images are moved then they are no longer loaded automatically but still appear in the map file in the material panel (2nd SS). Jpg or Png shouldn’t make any difference finding the files.

I think it’s more likely to be a file mix-up or and you should try reloading the images and if that doesn’t work, place new picture frames over the existing ones, on their own layer so you can easily delete the corrupted ones so you can get back to work on the model.

Yeah, I think it’s something locally. There’s no amount of do overs or fresh starts that’s eliminating the problem. I’m also having some recurring problems I thought had been remedied some months back with certain tools that stop working. I wonder if there’s some cache that’s stored on the Mac that can be cleaned out.