Patent Illustrations?

OK, I still consider myself a novice. I’ve gotten the models good enough for the illustrator to provide drawings that meet the USPTO requirements by providing him with IGES files. It seems to me that I should be able to produce this type of image. Am I missing something, or is it not a type of view that we can generate?

you can do these with the Technical viewmode. It you right-click on the blue viewport title, you will see that option there. if not, type “_-SetDisplayMode _Technical” in the command line

If you open the display tab (on the right of picture above) you can toggle the display options to your liking. the lower button on teh panel will get you to advanced options like “parallel lines shading”:

I use this display mode for all my patent drawings/disclosures these days. I hope that helps.


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I’ll try it, thanks


Make2D and a vector illustration package like AI or CorelDraw are helpful to appropriately shade and scale the illustrations. I don’t think Rhino alone can get you where you need to be in that process, especially with illustrating for design patents. The USPTO has a fairly easy to follow guide on their website.

Part way down this page has a display mode Patent.ini file for helping with this.

Thank you