PATENT DRAWINGS FOR MAC? I see a download for Win

There is a wonderful new set of display capabilities[]=patent
However the link to downloads are Win only it seems.

Is there a way to generate Patent drawings for MAC versions?
This would be very important for me!

i don’t think importing of .ini files (display modes, options) to be imported into the Mac version yet unfortunately.

Thanks, Is there any way to get exactly what I see on my screen to export into .ai? Outlines only for example, white background. Like the PEN display mode? That would be good enough/

i’m pretty sure there isn’t unfortunately. there is the ViewCaptureToFile command but only bitmaps are supported.

maybe someone else can chime in to confirm or a workaround perhaps.

I’ve used the Blueprint display mode successfully on the Mac version of Rhino. I have not tried Patent.

How do I get the blueprint mode?

yeah, how did you do that?

Not sure, but you can open the ini file in Atom and then scroll through,

or if it is just the look you can just add the blueprint hi-res jpeg to a new custom display …

Or, if you have access to Rhino for Windows, install the ini file there and then copy the settings to a Mac.


but what about these lined shadows things? (which is also in the ‘patent’ mode)

maybe it’s something in the shadow settings that i just haven’t noticed yet?

I haven’t gone through the ini file, I don’t actually need blueprint mode. Is there someplace to add an image to shadow option? I did get a custom display mode from Pascal in the last few weeks as an ini file and I just went through the WinRhino display settings and made the same changes to a MacRhino custom display mode.

Here is the .jpg image … line 89

Some materials options …

I don’t see any other jpeg.

Going back to the wiki page about display modes

"Blueprint is a combination of a bitmap background, white striped shadows and thick silhouette lines. "

OK, more research, because i like the blackboard display mode. Getting the thick silhouette lines would be cool though!

I never did enable the lined shadows, and I’m not sure if that’s possible on the Mac yet. But blueprint mode looks decent. Use display mode to adjust the line width for Silhouette lines, Hidden lines, etc.

We don’t have Shade effects in General Display Options, right @dan ? We just have clipping plane, which I cannot see in Windows.

Oh well, off «Randy

This is an open issue still, the parallel lines shadow option isn’t supported in Rhino for Mac at the moment.

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Thanks @BrianJ

What about emulating the rest of the style of Patents or Blueprint? Namely, Silhouette lines, + fine contour lines?
The blue background, paper or other BG are really not my interest. Thanks -

jp_1 - What version of Rhino are you using? I see “RhinoWIP” in your screenshot?
Any idea how to get BluePrint working on a MAC? Thanks!

to do that, you’d need to make a display mode based off ‘Artistic’ mode…

go to Preferences-> Display Modes:

click on ‘Artistic’ under the standard modes then press the plus sign at the bottom… a new custom mode will be created…

you can now edit this mode to your liking… and since it’s based off Artistic mode, it has the silhouette controls under ‘objects’

For the image, I created a new Technical Display Mode and set the silhouette line weight to 6. As jeff_hammond pointed out, the Display Mode dialog has a lot of options.

This has worked well… Except it doesn’t export!
Anyone have any ideas on how to get an export of what we see on the screen? I get all lines hidden and not all the same line-weight.
Thanks everyone!