Best method to turn my aircraft into a line drawing with view of skin and panel edges?

What would be the best way of turning my aircraft object into a side view line drawing, where only the edges of surfaces, and my rivet lines (circles) are seen, so as to become a typical aircraft side view plan in a book ?
I try for make2D, and after two minutes of a timer, I exit to see emails, return and all is not clickable, no timer, end task and its running, select and end task, says not responding.

It wont make2D.

I try again selecting current view and after a while I get 2D, though I need to remove some details as the cowling was not a single surface due to its complexity, so I see lines of all the surfaces that made it.

What should I do, one view at a time ?


Hi -

That’s how it works, yes. It just takes your input without judging it. If you don’t like the output, you’ll either have to change the input or post-process the output.

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Technical, pen, and artistic display modes have the option of using parallel lines for shading. Two examples are shown below:

The ones showed are very nice rendering of the view, especially the patent view (see this thread as well)
But the problem is they are only illustrations!
No lines, if you export to Pdf you get a raster Pdf
if you export to dwg you get a really different output.
This is being discussed elsewhere in the forum. Rhino is a very nice software for modeling but unfortunately there is no way to get usable 2d views/ drawings.

To not be able to generate good make2D, we need to create plans, so has this been resolved in V7, or is there a plugin that does so. One cannot encourage a friend to use it for ships boats planes and warn him you cant make decent plans though.
On my engine cowling I need to just see the edges of the item, side cowling, top cowling, etc, , I need Rhino to ignore the surface joint lines, there is just too much unwanted surface joint lines on display to have to through picking and deleting.

How is V7 on this now ?


Hi @Steve1
not that much change on V7!
There is still no way to create a layout which dynamically updates to linked model geometry and can be exported as a clean DWG.
There has been some improvement on Make2D and a new release of SectionTools (which I have not investigated yet) but you still need to manually extract View, review them and assemble in your layout ( or assemble externally in Acad or similar).
If there is any change in your model you have to process manually all the views again.
Section Tools keeps a link to original geometry but you have to trigger it manually anyway.

I managed to create some useful layouts tweakings display modes, installing SafeLayout plugin and deeply organizing all model elements in a structural modeler fashion.
I get decent PDF output but most of geometry is rendered as raster, so filesize is an issue.
Hope this helps!