Pattern Creator for Grasshopper

Hello everyone.

I’m a master student and I’m writing a thesis on “Parametric Design Methods for Creative Jewelry”.

For this problem, I made my research and now I need tools for create 2D patterns with geometrical shapes and lines. I would glad if you can suggest me some plug-ins of tools for creating 2D geometric patterns with Grasshopper.

Also, in the end of this thesis, I’ll suggest an idea for a “pattern creator plug-in”. I don’t have enough Grasshopper or programming experience to make it real. This idea allows users to create creative parametric patterns by changing some parameters. If someone would think about to write this script/plug-in (whatever is possible) I can share all the details. I believe this tool could be helpful for a lot of industries like architechture, industrial design, jewelry design, shoe design etc.

Thanks in advance for your help. Any suggestion would be great for my thesis.

2D patterns is a wide subject. As it is very wide parameters controlling each pattern are various, so it seems difficult to make an all in one pattern generator. But it will be surely interesting to classify them and link to definitions/scripts/algorithm. It surely exists but here are some ideas.
Pattern by name : Voronoi, Samekomon, islamic …
Single shape pattern (triangle, square, hexagon …)
Multiple shapes pattern (triangle to hexagon)
Infinite shape pattern
Repetitive pattern, Non repetitive pattern
Gilbert Tessellations
Here a link

You could also add pattern modifier (attractor, hyperbolic …)

and list goes on …