Seamles Voronoi Pattern Tiles

Hi everyone,
I need some help with the Voronoi Pattern. I would like to design some one tile which I can easily rotate and the ends fit together (Image 1). Is it possible to remove the points manually to a grid or set up another parameter where I can influence the number of cells on the sites (e.g. every site has 5 cells?). I know that there is the possibility to move the center points manually in grasshopper if I create a point in grasshopper and Internalise the data (image 2,3). Is it possible to do it with the edges too? And then I would like to offset the cells to create something three-dimensional. I was working with an attractor point, which is affecting the size of the “holes” in the cells (Image 4,5). Now I have some problems with combing the two codes. I hope someone could help me?

Thank you!3EKIW