How to create a parametric fenestration pattern on a surface of a shape

Hi, Its my first time using grasshopper and I am attempting to build a parametric patterned surface on all sides of my shape in rhino. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out or give me advice on how I could achieve this outcome. Or If anyone would know how to make script in grasshopper that would be able to produce what I am trying to do.

I have attach a file of what I would like it to look like, my rhino shape and a pattern.
Any help would be really appreciate, Cheers !


First of all, your first and last picture are different algorythm. First one Looks like a triangulation, which is scaled and deformed by a curve and 2 Points. Last picture looks like a layered voronoi pattern.

For the first Picture:
look here

For the last one:
look here

Always helpfull in the beginning:

Tip for the first one:

  1. Create Random Points.
  2. Cull them by attractors
  3. create Triangulation
  4. scale the cells by attractors

For the last one:

  1. create 3 layers
  2. create random Points for each layer
  3. create voronoi

You can do it directly on your facade, or Morph it afterwards.

Have a try yourself first, this will help you a lot more learning, instead of someone creates the script for you.
When you fail, I will help you.

Thanks for your help