Pattern controlled by points

I am trying to make pattern looking like one from the picture and it is controlled by group of points.

Example from picture is built on hexagonal grid but I cant figure out how to make these irregular connections between points. It is also important to me to control and edit points
since i cant use repetitive grid in my project.

I tried with vornoi but the problem is that control points are inside the shape. I also tried with “parkeet” plug and gilbert tesselation and “paving kit” but i am not satisfied with effect.
I was also trying to analize topic from this post
but i wasnt able to make it since I dont have Land Kit Pro Key.

I will be happy to recive some hints

If it is important for you you can make this pattern by hand. Make your grid of points like said in the other post. The suppress some points. Connect by hand you points … then use Grasshopper just to make it solid.

The points will change often during colaboration with constructors so I would like to create a script which can make all process faster. And also I want to learn more of grasshopper possibilities and become more fleunt in it.

Well … I can’t provide a solution on that one (because all my stuff are done solely via C# code) … but I can provide some indicative tips on that matter:

The general case of this is to deal with rnd Pts on Lists of BrepFaces:

  1. So first try to get random (“even” or not) points on Faces. Like:

  2. That said you can have Pts that are “biased” (ralative the Face Loops Curves [i.e. near or not]). No Idea how to do that with components. Like:

  3. Then you can “filter” the Pts using various Methods: This for instance finds Points that have neighbors with distance > 2*R (where R is the shown yellow Circles radius):

  1. Since all the resulting final Pts are coplanar we can safely use a Del triangulation (shown one with no constrains):

  1. Then we can constrain the Meshes by a vast variety of ways (i.e. containment or checking the Edges angles - per Face):

  1. Then you can do anything imaginable with your Meshes as they are or Morphed into some sort of target Surface (using WB for instance or something the likes of Dendro or Exoskeleton [VERY tricky] or whatever)


Hey, your answer is very helpful especially for “filter” points!
I tried with Del triangulation but I am intrested in having more shapes, not only triangles but mix of polygons, so it will look more irregular, and this is the part I always stuck.

Btw. I love names of your components :joy:
Thank you for your time!

You can do that as well as follows: Given points use some Proximity Method (like Point3dList or RTree Search or the GH Component) combined with various filters (for instance: don’t accept Lines that yield Ccx events) and get a Graph (i.e. a collection of Lines) plus the 3 usual Connectivity Trees (VV, VE, EV [V: vertices, E: edges). Then skip the Delauney part and do anything wild or mild.

But … I can’t help you by indicating the native components for attempting all that. In fact you can’t do (general case: ANY Graph) it because of the Islands and Closed Primary Cirquits detection little thingies. For instance this is a Prox Graph that rejects connections with Ccx events (the reds). But finding first all the possible Islands AND THEN all the closed Primary Cirquits in that thing (using solely the VV conn Tree - 2 passes required) … well … that’s not a task for you (yet I do hope):

Anyway if you want a freaky entry level C# demo - minus the strictly internal Cirquit detection part - notify (a bit useless to you I suspect).

I hear you: what about Voronoi? Well … I hate that thing like my sins.

TIP: Given a tri Mesh Face (Pts p0, p1, p2) and a double var t (in the 0.05, 0.45 Interval) get an “inside” closed Curve from Cntr Pts:

p0, (p1-p0) at t, (p1-p0) at (1-t) p1 , … , p2, (p0-p2) at t , (p0-p2) at (1-t)

Then the Brep from (a) the Face Edges (as Curve) and (b) that Curve is “like” your pic.

So try to do this with components (not that difficult, mind [hope dies last]): (14.9 KB)

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Thank you for sharing the script!
I combined it with my and it starting to look satisfying. I think I found solution to control points inside constant grid. I still looking for something better to connect points than Delaunay or Proximity…
I am still a little bit lost with C# code but I tried to find fitting components. (20.7 KB)
test_01.3dm (1.8 MB)

Keep walking the walk and get the trad update. (147.4 KB)

There’s a Plan B in that one: get a Graph (i.e. the Mesh Edges) - you can randomly reduce it - and thichen using add-ons the likes of the wild ExoW (or some other) doing - ugly and rather kitsch - things like these:

Next challenge: try to thicken Plan A: (Compute and use Mesh Normals, get the vertices + normals*dist, do the side Breps, get the Top, Join … etc etc).This would be slower than any Harley Davidson … but do it in The Name Of Science.

Next-Next challenge: learn C#

1++M question: can you think ways to do random points with various modes as shown?