OpenGL material bug

Hi guys,
I finally took some time to play with SubD and discovered a bug in plastic materials for OpenGL:

If I slide the Reflectivity slider then it appears to affect Clarity at the same time.

But it works fine in Raytraced.

And glass is apparently invisible now:

Same with GEM obviously.

Metal and paint works as expected though.

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RH-58135 is fixed in the latest WIP


Can you let me know if this is now working better for you?

  • Andy

Yup, plastic behaves very well now!

But glass and gems still don’t show color and transparent objects still has waaaay to little reflection of the environment in them.

This is what Diamond looks like:

And this is Silver:

So Diamond should look more like this IMO.

For reference this is Cycles:

Yes, we know. That’s a fundamental limitation of the way we are doing transparency in the display. Should work in Raytraced.

Oh, that’s another thing, cycles in V7 ignores viewport background with transparency and uses rendersetting…

I will have to retest in front of a black object and/or set a custom environment for that to check properly.
(or you can if you like, here’s the file)

Have to go, family calls!

Example (6.7 MB)

Yeah, I still call that cycles :wink:

Here is an example with the Ruby material it’s almost invisible + it has no colour.
I feel it would have been better to show these materials without transparency then like this [near invisible]

thanks a lot