No better OpenGL transparent materials?

@pascal, do we have to live with the same transparent materials for another 5 years?
I thought progress was made here.

This is from the release version of V7:

That is more something for @jeff and/or @DavidEranen to answer.

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Hi guys, there is a bug here.

If I make a glass material with “Gold orange” color then it looks all gray:

And then if I change that material from glass to custom it suddenly shows the color, albeit way to faintly colored and overexposed:

BUT then when I click OK it jumps back to it’s grayish self:

And when rendered they both look the same and as expected:

I seem to remember seeing a video demo several years ago (from @jeff, maybe), showing improved transparency and even some trick mimmicking reafraction - but I guess it never got finalized?
And yes, the current state is a joke - especially the (lack of) reflections and colour on the default glass material - transparent plastic works better, IMO.


Hi @jeff
any news on this?
I still see that red glass has no color:

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@jeff is deep into metal land, I think it’ll be some time before he gets around to this.