OpenGL transparent materials and colors (again ;) )

I have brought up this topic many times, and I’ll do it again. Transparent, colored objects have no color in OpenGL:

But the moment I start Raytracing (while it uploads the geometry before it raytraces) it looks like this:

And then raytraced it looks like this:

So the question to @nathanletwory and @jeff is what magic is Cycles doing to make the preview so much better than standard OpenGL? And is there anything you can do to improve OpenGL?

Look at the blinkers here as well:

In OpenGL it has no color:

And prerendering like this:

And rendered like this:

Obviously the RenderedDisplay mode is superior in all but this one aspect. But for modelling transparent objects it would be great if it would show some color.

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And this is what the material looks like.
It’s a simple plastic material:

The magic needs to happen in Rendered mode. It is up to @jeff to put in his improved glass/plastic/gem drawing.


Actually, it looks like this is on DavidE’s list:
RH-57971 Bump map and color on gem material doesn’t show in rendered mode

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Please add color first, that’s more important than bump maps. I understand if it is desired for DavidE to add both at the same time, but if that is difficult then PLEASE add color. I am sure a lot of jewelry designers would love you for it too.