OpenGL glass material with no color

Hi guys,
glass materials looks much better now (unless it has a white background, then it becomes invisible)
but OpenGL ignores the color. (Have you considered adding refraction soon?)

Raytraced shows a nice, red blob, so that works fine:

Not sure what you mean with that? In Rendered mode only, or elsewhere too?

In OpenGL, (Rendered) since transparent materials only has reflections added, so white + white = white… or invisible.
But in V6 it has some fresnell darkness effect that helps shine some… eh… shade?.. over things :smiley:

Just to show that it is actually the same file :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ok, so something for @DavidEranen to look at.

Here I lowered transparency to 90% and then it gives a much better impression in OpenGL.
So maybe faking a bit of mass and contrast that way is the way to go.

Also the glass material isn’t right in OpenGL, no color is shown, but this I reported in another thread. Is that for @DavidEranen to look at too?

Hi guys, would it be possible to add more reflection to the glass material in OpenGL please?
IMO 100% reflection should reflect a lot of light:

Here is what it looks like now with a custom HDRI that has much light.

Crome material to show the amount of light:


Glass material:


IMO Raytraced is also showing too little reflection.

This is what I think it should look like: (composited in Photoshop)


Keep in mind that this is super-reflective glass, as it is at 100% reflectiveness.
So I guess the Glass material needs a reflectivity slider together with the Clarity slider.

Here you can see glass on a lighter background.
As you can see there is hardly any reflection going on at all compared to the crome material.

Thanks for listening (once again :wink: )

Please share your super-reflective glass material (right-click the material, save as file, attach the file).


@Holo which of the glass types are you looking for, which of the three in the attached screenshot?

Hi Nathan, beautiful model :wink:
My main concern is how OpenGL lacks spark in the reflections:
I made a new scene to test it better.
Here is a test with Glass, converted to Custom and a new PBR + metal:

PS! See how different the materials looks in OpenGL.


Raytraced does a good job though.


Here is the file:

Glass material (5.7 MB)

OT: I tried putting the geometry in a block, with materials from parent, but then OpenGL messed up and didn’t show the backdrop geometry through it.

(All this is V7)

I am wishing for something that looks more like the reflections in this glass ballon:

Here with a simulated ballon:
I see that Raytraced does do what I ask for, so this is only OpenGL related now.

I expect similar color appearance and the same amount of reflection.

Glass material test (4.0 MB)

Right, glassy transparency has been long on the list, and continues to be on the list. I know @jeff has code that does pretty convincing glass in OpenGL. I don’t know what the status and plan is with that code.

I remember there were also fake refractions for glass.
I think it was back in newsgroup times…

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Yeah, that would be awesome, if it doesn’t slow down frame rates too much.
Or causes too much problems for AMD drives… or for intel gpus.
(But maybe it could only kick in when the fps is high enough and the GPU is handling it)