OpenGL glass material with no color

Hi guys,
glass materials looks much better now (unless it has a white background, then it becomes invisible)
but OpenGL ignores the color. (Have you considered adding refraction soon?)

Raytraced shows a nice, red blob, so that works fine:

Not sure what you mean with that? In Rendered mode only, or elsewhere too?

In OpenGL, (Rendered) since transparent materials only has reflections added, so white + white = white… or invisible.
But in V6 it has some fresnell darkness effect that helps shine some… eh… shade?.. over things :smiley:

Just to show that it is actually the same file :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ok, so something for @DavidEranen to look at.

Here I lowered transparency to 90% and then it gives a much better impression in OpenGL.
So maybe faking a bit of mass and contrast that way is the way to go.

Also the glass material isn’t right in OpenGL, no color is shown, but this I reported in another thread. Is that for @DavidEranen to look at too?