Glass material in OpenGL

Hi @jeff could you guys make the default glass material look more like glass in the default render environment? The current Fresnel effect isn’t very convincing IMO.

Here shown side by side with Raytraced mode.

Hi Jorgen - I guess it’s really the refraction that’s missing, right? That’s the way it is with openGL - I don’t know if there is a cheap real-time way to get that.


This is something I will be working on in 7.x… Here are some earlier results I got during the experimentation phase… It’s hard to appreciate the results in a still photo…the real results are when you’re spinning and rotating the view.

Anyways…the prototype looked promising.

…and here’s your two sphere example… one metal, one glass.



YESS, WOW! And that’s exceeding my expectations too!
(edit: I had to add a “wow” :wink: )
The reflection is what I misses the most, but refraction has been on the wish list for years too, so having both will be fantastic. Will this be available in a beta soon?

(@pascal here you can see that reflections are missing and also that a little bit of ambient occlusion would be nice, since all glass has a ittle bit of tint.)

(( But @nathanletwory it looks like cycles adds too much AO to transparent materials. But I don’t want that discussion here though, I just point it out since I don’t think cycles results should be copied blindly on all matters :wink: ))

Whoa, Jeff, old your horses!

Why would anybody render anything if this is what we would have instantly? Is that still OpenGL? Does it have something to do with current Vulkan / Metal hype? (I don’t know anything about this stuff, I just thought OpenGL is obsolete, at least in gaming.)