Offset curve issue

Hello Everyone,

I have been struggling with this issue for days, and I did research a lot, but the problem still remains. The issue is as follows:
I tried to offset an enclosed curve ( a wide river), as you can see when I offset the curve, top part of the curve is really a mess, and more of that there is no offset in the bottom part of the curve. I did try to smooth the curve, but it still does not work. I also check this curve is planar
Anyone gets similar issue? Please help, thanks a lot

2 2 offset.3dm (11.4 MB) (2.2 KB)

Have a try clipper plugin.

offset (41.9 KB)

Hey HS_Kim,

Thanks for your reply, I did try the polyline offser, but actually I just one the outward offset, do you have any ideas how I can do that, thanks!

Get the “C” output result. It’s already there…

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shoot, I never thought get a curve to connect to polyline offst, and I think it is the time to say goodbye to GH. Many thanks!!!