Broken curve when offsetting

I have a closed planar curve, and when I offset it with Curve.Offset by 1.5(which will cause it self intersect in some part), it will result in a broken curve as you can see. This still happens even if I do it manually with command.

offsetsample.3dm (26.8 KB)
Dose anyone knows how to deal with this problem or somehow bypass it? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the Clipper plug-in?

Maybe offset curve loose in grasshopper can help you

Hi @WL1, unfortunately the Curve.Offset is not as robust as the build in _Offset command. To offset this via code, you’ll need Clipper.

If you can use the _Offset command, it helps to tighten the tolerance:



Wow your demonstration looks great! Thanks for the help, I’ll try the Clipper and _Offset way. :hugs:

I’ll give it a try, thank you!

I’m doing this in rhinocommon, so I’ll try the clipper other mentioned,Thanks all the same!