A Part of offset is problematic

As you can see, most of the offsets succeed, but there is one section of the offset that never succeeds and it gets worse as the radius expands …
How could I fix it please? Thank you all! :laughing:

a5.3dm (3.1 MB)
a5.gh (15.8 KB)


RhinoCommon does the same offset.
It is better to use Clipper.
a5-modify.gh (18.3 KB)

Strange. When you explode and rejoin the curves, it works.

Attached are a couple of other options for creating your curve, which seem to be cleaner/offset without issue.
a5_v2.gh (20.9 KB)

I’d like to suggest a different approach to create the curve. First of all move the circle to the xy-plane origin. Makes things easier on circular geometry. Then I would simply divide the circle twice as many times as you and move every second point towards the center of the circle. Then offset.

a5.gh (34.3 KB)

Hi Masaki,
yeah, thanks for your help, and this plug-in is really helpful! : >

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Hi Adam,
The idea of finding points by polygons and middle points is brilliant, I’ve learned! thanks so much!

Hi Martin,
I set a point in Rhino to replace the xy plane, but then I got the same error as before when I used the offset curve command, then I switched the order of PointA and PointB in the Vector 2Pt command, and the problem was solved.
I think the idea about “divide circle twice + Vector 2Pt” is great, thanks so much!