Objects update (differences between views)

Hi, sometimes I got strange lag/update problems between Plan View and 3D View.
The shape of the stairs update instantly in the Plan View but I got to double click on the stairs in the 3D View to update them.
After I restart Rhino problem disappears.

I do not diagnosed what causes this problem yet.

Different (but somewhat similar) problem.

Properties panel of the stairs produces wrong geometry preview when changing the width and not clicking on the Apply button in between those changes.

Hi @Czaja thanks for reporting this. We never saw such a behavior before. What Rhino and VisualARQ versions are you running? Can you attach one of these 3dm files so we can test in our machines?

I’m running Rhino 6.29.20210.4411 and VisualARQ

3dm file: va stairs.3dm (253.6 KB)

Hi @Czaja,
I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior with your file. We will keep on investigating this. As a test to have more information, you could try to disable all plugins that do not come with Rhino, (except VisualARQ and Tibidabo), and try this again. Just to check there are no other plug-ins involved in this problem.

Ok, I think this issue is connected with the Update Property GH component.
Once I reference stairs in GH and use the Update Property component problem starts to occur.

How to break it:

I ran into it because I still have limited understanding of some concepts of VA.
I discovered this problem with the Update Property GH component when I was just messing around and looking for the way to update baked geometry.

I wonder how this “Dynamic Bake” was achieved? In the thumbnail of the video there is visible VA_bake component but I cant find it among my VA GH components. Maybe it’s custom.

Hi @Czaja,
I could reproduce that behaviour. Indeed, it’s a bug related to the Update Property component and we will take a look at that.
The Update Property component is used to add data on a referenced object, without the need to bake the geometry (and get duplicated objects).

Regarding the “Dynamic bake” component of that screenshot, I’m not sure which component it is. Not a VisualARQ one. It might be one from Elefront or a custom one, I guess.

@Czaja I let you know this issue has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.8.5 version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.8.5 released

Thanks for letting me know.
A minute ago I had VA installed to update it I went this route:
Visual ARQ > Help > Check for updates… , and it opened a website for me which stated that my VA installation is the newest available - which is not true anymore.

Good to have direct contact with the VA team. :wink:

Hi @Czaja, as mentioned in this thread: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.8.5 released we usually wait a few days to activate the notification of the new version available, and also in our website.