Bug with 2D Representatioin

Bug with 2D Representation

Even though I’ve changed the projection and section color for beams, some of them still remain same.
I changed the projection from blue to purple and section from black to yellow.
I have sent rhino file at visualarq@asuni.com


Hi, thanks for the file. These issues seem to be fixed in VisualARQ 2.13 version. I’ve sent you an internal version of it so you can check it out.

Thanks. Francesc.

This bug still persists in VA 2.13 version as well.
Vaupdate command does not work to fix this bug.

I have the same problem too

That’s weird! It works fine in my PC after updating the objects. What Rhino version do you have?

What Rhino version are you using? Can you attach the model and indicate the objects that are not displayed properly?

It looks weird to me that it’s been fixed because this bug has never been reported before, as far as I know.
I’m using Rhino 7.25

Rhino Version 7 SR25 and Visualarq 2.12

I’ve opened a few projects and when I’ve gone to the layouts, or run BooleanUnion, MergeAllCoplanarFaces, sometimes the software crashed. I also have another problem that sometimes the door is not updated when I move it from one place to another and it does not appear, I have to update the wall to make it appear, I am suspecting that this last problem appears, every time when Rhino updates its versions .

Hi Miguel, I may require the 3dm files to reproduce the errors you are mentioning here.

Hi Francesc, I sent the file by email?. There are also other errors, when it is printed in vector, some things like the information disappear

I just sent it by wetransfer with the title “Bug with 2D Representatioin”

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