Non-uniform windows when saving files

Hi McNeel-

I’d like to see if there has been any progress on this issue I reported some time ago. I’ve discovered a clue that might lead you to the problem. When I save my files with roughly equal sized windows, they open with random window sizes. It’s easy to replicate (at least on my machine: MacPro 6 core, High Sierra 10.13.6).

If I save an empty file with equal 4-view windows (see attachment 01 top) and then reopen the file, it appears as shown at bottom with unequal windows. However…, if I manually reset the windows and then make any window full screen before saving the file, it will open correctly with the same full view window showing. And when I click the 4-view icon, the 4-views are still in their correct locations. (See attachment 02.)

So the problem occurs only when a file is saved with 4 views shown. If I remember to make any of the 4 views full screen before saving the file, I don’t have to reset my windows. But because the file window positions are saved correctly when any view is full screen, that may indicate that some parameter is not being saved properly in 4-view mode.

I hope you can replicate this problem and will address it. I can send a Quicktime movie of the open/save process, but I think it’s fairly clear from the attached images.

Many thanks!


I wish I could report that I can reproduce this, but I still can’t. :confused:

try this dan -> open rhino create a box or anything then toggle the left and the right side bar away (i have that on one hot key, not alias) then save the document in 4 view and quit (i did without closing the window before). then double click the file and voila viewport had a party. does not happen when the sidebars are visible.

once that introduces itself its pretty persistent till you toggle the bars back and open a new document (cmd n)

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Finally, I was able to reproduce this one. This is the critical detail. Logged in RH-49628.

Thank you @geemix!

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Amazing!! Yes, my sidebars are always closed and my second monitor is permanently filled with specifically placed open tool pallets (mannnny). Thank you thank you Geemix for figuring this out. I’m always amazed at the responsiveness to users input. MacRhino rocks! Buzz :slight_smile:

P.S. I keep forgetting too mention that the Box Edit window doesn’t remember its position when saving a file. Should be easy to confirm. Thank you! Buzz

Second that!!!

Thanks @geemix

Please never presume this. Also, it very much helps us keep track of these issues if they are reported in a separate topic.

My apologies Dan, I will adhere to the rules in the future. Many thanks for addressing these minor issues. Buzz

This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please test and make sure :wink:

Many thanks Dan! I’m always impressed by how diligent McNeel is at addressing user problems. It’s much appreciated and really makes MacRhino stand out from it’s competitors. Thanks again! Buzz

This should also be fixed in the Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.3 update.

Many thanks Dan for addressing the bug! It’s most appreciated :slight_smile: