File Open - 3/4 layout, 1/4 model viewport

When a file is saved with a floating viewport (typically on another screen), the file is opened with the floating viewport available (as expected) but with the 4 view main window being 3/4 layout (and always the last layout in the list) and 1/4 one of the normal model viewports.

I guess better explained with a picture…

YT created: RH-36344

@wim, do you have a sample that exhibits this behavior? I’m having trouble reproducing this

It looks like any file may do but it might be tricky getting it to behave like that.

There is one constant though: whenever you open a file that was saved with a floating viewport, the last layout will be visible even if that wasn’t visible when exiting Rhino. I.e. when the layout is not shown over ¾ of the viewports in the main Rhino window, it is shown as one maximized viewport in the main Rhino window.

I see that it behaves as described (¾ layout, ¼ model viewport) at least when at the time of saving and closing Rhino the following are true:

  • floating window is on a second screen and is not maximized
  • main Rhino window is in 4-viewport state
  • one of the 4 viewports in the main Rhino window is active

New file from factory default template “Large Objects - Millimeters.3dm”: test-test-open with layout.3dm (602.4 KB)

Hi Wim - I see that here - thanks. I added the file to the above bug track item from JB.


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RH-36344 Has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next Rhino release.

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