Mac Rhino 6 saved window locations

I just downloaded MacRhino 6.29 and found that the window locations for the Layers and Properties floating panels are not being saved when I open my files. They must be opened and repositioned manually for each file. I assume the Pref’s file isn’t being saved properly, or the window locations aren’t being stored at all. I hope this can be addressed and is a simple fix. Happily, all my other tool palette windows (54 of them) are opening properly in their correct locations on my secondary monitor. (Yes, I don’t use command lines and prefer to have all my tools visible at all times :wink: Thank you!

My guess the “fix” is to delete your PLIST file and arrange them again.
For some unknown reason, the Rhino PLIST file seems quite fragile and gets balled up pretty easily. So far we have not been able to figure out what causes it.
Here are instructions for resetting it:

Any luck?

Many thanks John-

I’ll try it. Previously when I was having problems with my pallets, the 4-view windows were not remembering their aspect ratios when I saved my files. A brilliant user discovered that it was because I operate Rhino with my two side sidebars closed. (I use my 100% of my main monitor for my 4 views.) I noticed the asymmetric 4-views once in 6.0, but it went away. I have a funny feeling the lack of displaying sidebars might be a weird knock-on effect for pallet locations as well (just a guess). I think I must be the only one who opens all their tools on a secondary monitor. Otherwise there would be more people with this problem. Luckily, it’s not serious. I’ll delete the PLIST and give it a try.

Thanks for getting back to me!


(P.S. Oh…, one question I’ve been meaning to ask. I’m “old school” and save my projects manually…, often. I got the warning that Rhino saves automatically (which I knew) and that saving often creates versions that could fill my disc. But I couldn’t find those versions to purge them. There used to be an option to view them and delete them, but I can’t find it now. Can you tell me where to find them please? Thanks. I still like to overwrite my file often manually to save the immediate changes I make. I don’t know when the autosave takes place, and that can lead to lost data if something crashes.)

Saving that way on a Mac is a recipe for disaster.
Please read this thoroughly:


OK, thanks. (It’s tough to break habits that I’ve been using since 1984 :wink:


Old critters adapt or go extinct.
Just sayin…

HA! My favorite version of that is “Evolve or Die” :wink: I hear ya…, but I’ve lost too much work over the decades not to take precautions. I’ll read your “auto save rationale” and see if I can evolve…


Purely FYI John,

I just opened a file and found the unequal 4-view problem again along with the two floating panels on the wrong screen. None of it is serious (obviously), but it sure is a weird bug. I wouldn’t think having my sidebar windows being open or closed when I save my file would influence anything with respect to my other tool pallet locations. I’m sure the code gremlin will be found someday…


(Interesting… my screen capture didn’t save the two floating panels that were on the left side of my screen. I had to mock them up in Photoshop to show where they were located. Very strange…)