5.4 Unequal 4-View Viewport Sizes

I just dowloaded 5.4 (and upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra in order to do so), and all my previous and new files now open with unequal window sizes in 4-view. Instead of 4 equal sized viewports, my Perspective view is very large and the others much smaller with strange aspect ratios. When I adjust them to equal sizes and save the file, it opens with unequal viewports again. (Also I’ve been meaning to ask if the Box windows location can be saved when closing as well, but that’s minor.) But I really need to open my previous and new files with equal sized viewport windows. Any input would be most appreciated. Thank you (and keep up the great work - MacRhino rocks! :slight_smile:

(Note: I just noticed if you save a file with a single viewport full screen (for example Perspective view), the file opens properly with the single view and when you select 4-view, the windows are now equal sizes. But then saving the file in 4-view results in the file opening with the strange aspect ratios again. It seems that there is a bug when saving any file with 4 views. I hope this can be addressed soon. Thanks!)

Can you please provide some additional information? Please navigate to Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More info… > Copy to clipboard and paste the content back into a reply here.

It might also be helpful to see your Preferences file. You can export this using the ExportPreferences command.

Certainly Dan - thanks. Here are the “About” and “Export Prefs” files along with two screen captures. The file was saved with uniform window sizes, but opens with non-uniform sizes. Many thanks for looking into it.Rhino 5.4 Bug.zip (814.6 KB)

This bug has been around for some time and seems to come and go for me in the WIPs. It’s present in 5E397w, and sounds as though it has made its way into 5.4. (I don’t have 5.4 installed) Do you use Named Views @Buzzlightyear?

@dan I don’t know what triggers, just speculating whether Named Views is related? I use a lot of them, and at least one Named View is typically present as one of my 4 active views. I usually work in single view the majority of the time, then switch to 4 views, using the upper left icon, when 4 is useful.

Second that!..:heart_eyes:

Same here.

I think it might be. I have different named views in all my files.


I’m admitting my ignorance here, but I don’t used named views and don’t actually know what they are(!). I just use the standard 4-views as shown in a new file and always work in 4-view.

I never had this problem in the previous version of MacRhino. Since it’s a recurring bug, can I assume McNeel will continue to look into it please? It’s pretty time consuming because I open mannnny files daily as I pull/modify models from my model library. Thank you!

Just guessing Dan, but in the export prefs file should the flag below which is set to be ?


Sorry, my last post didn’t post properly. The NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows flag is set to “false”. Should it be “true” by chance?

If it’s any help finding the bug, the following will result in files that don’t forget their window proportions. If I save a file while the Perspective view is full screen, it will then open full screen the next time I access it. When I then select 4 views, the views are properly centered (as they should be). But if I save the file with 4 equal views showing, the next time I open the file they will be unequal. I hop this helps to find the problem… Thanks.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to reproduce this one on my machine. I see I have your system information. I cannot find a 3dm file that exhibits this in this topic (though other may have been posted).