New layer shows in all the layout details

I think so, yes.

I think this command does exactly what we are looking for, but only at windows. @John, isn’t there a command that turns on the layout detail layer in the active detail only? Right click on the layer when inside the detail…

Sorry, I don’t really know. I do not use these tools. My Rhino expertise is in other areas. I think @mary is the expert on these tools.

There have been many topics about this issue and also on the windows side. I have used the windows version in the past, V5, and as far as remember, the limitation was there too. I would love to be corrected though!

I just looked in the Mac V7 WIP and do not see the tools there either.
My guess is they are not compatible with Mac’s forced multi-document setup.
In Windows we can run multiple instances of Rhino (if we have the resources), and each instance is a single document.
That isn’t allowed on Mac and it limits some tool. I think this may be one of those cases.

Are yo talking about this?

On Mac is a different panel

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 23.14.03

Maybe that’s it.

Those are the tools that controls the visibility per detail. It’s a bit different from windows but same functionality as far as I know.

Here and here are a couple of topics regarding these limitations.

Here is the functionality I had on my mind!!!

Turns off all the layers but the layer in active detail. This we are missing on mac :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you were right!! Can we have this on Mac @dan?

Yeah! I hope so, this would extremely facilitate the work.

Added to the Pile as a Future Wish item: