Wish: model layer visibility to be independent from layout layer visibility


Anytime I work on complex layouts, lots of layouts with lots of details, I feel the urgency for this feature to be improved. There has been many takes on this like the one by @SamPage Wish V6: Better Layout Management which I really like it. Can we expect any of this coming to V6? I really think that Rhino needs some heavy improvement in this area.

The thing I find more confusing is how layers’ visibility are handled. In order to set a custom layout visibility within a detail, you have to :

  1. Show all model layers in order to be able to turn on/off layout layer visibility
  2. Double click a detail and configured Layout Layer Visibility as desired.
    2.1.Optional: I can saved a Layer State within the detail, so I can apply the same settings to another details.

The problem
When I go back to model space and keep working, I need to deactivate some layers so I can work effectively. But, when I go back to Layout, all those layers I turned off, will keep turned off in every detail, so you have to remember to turn all model layers on again before you are going to print.

I find this “feature” so dangerous. Imagine someone else open the file in order to check something, turn off a couple of layers and save the file. Then, I open the file go to Layout and sent to print…

Wish: Model layer visibility to be independent from layout layer visibility. By implementing this, there shouldn’t be the necessity to show all layers on layout before printing.

Recently I’ve been teaching Rhino to a few architects, and every time I explain the current way of setting a layout properly, they look at me with big eyes asking: are you kidding??.. So, I’m not the only one ; )
This post Layer Control in Layouts & Thumbnail Update also complaint about this “feature”



Hi Jose - thanks

For now, one possibly useful tool is LayerStateManager - in your example, keeping a Print layer state might ease the pain some.


Thanks Pascal for taking a look.