New layer shows in all the layout details

Hi guys,
pretty desperate here. I have more than 100 layouts. After creating one new layer, this layer (though under parent which is turned off) including objects is turned on in all other details. So I must go through each layout and turn it off. Is there a chance how to prevent this?

Thanks a bunch!

If you turn the layer off on model space it should be turned off the in every detail. Model space visibility overrides details visibility. Does it work for you?

Yes, but that is not what I am looking for. I still need this layer visible in one detail out of 100…

Understood… there is not an easy solution that I’m aware of for this situation.

If the new layer is only for one detail, I would create a copy of the file, and would add that new layer in the new file. Doing that, you can maintain all your details in the old file and use the new file for just that isolated detail. I know this is not what you are looking for, but sometimes you have to find dirty workarounds.

I really don’t understand why is taking McNeel so long to give detail layers priority over model layers, it’s been asked so many times… Just lets us turn layers off in model space while being able to turn on the same layers in details.

Yeah, the thing is that on Windows you can go into desired detail and let the layer be turned on only for this detail set layer on for detail only. Which is exactly what I need, but I cannot find it on mac. @wim, @pascal, is there anything I am missing here? Can I find this function on mac somewhere?

Umm, I don’t have a windows machine to test, but I think that even on windows, a layer has to be turned on in model space in order to be able to turn it on/off in a detail. This is because ,as a said before, model layers visibility overrides details layers. Maybe I’m wrong here, @wim could you clarify this? Thanks

Yes, it depends on your workflow. I draw in different layers (plans, sections, details etc.) and everything overlap quite a lot. When I print, I have all the layers on and each detail has its own layer visibility per detail. But you are right, model layers overrides the detail layers. But for me it works, since I have all the model layers on, so I just need to turn on and off layers per detail.

Sorry for this attention-seeking behaviour. Is there somebody who could have a look at this? @Dan @wim @pascal

I’m having a similar issue with this in a project with 60+ layouts. It would be great if anyone has any workarounds before I go through each detail and hide the new layer. Thanks in advance!

@wim Can you please look into this?

I do not see the Mac equivalent of the Windows “Layout on” option when in a Layout in Mac V6,
I’ll see if it’s on the defect or unimplemented list.

Thanks John!

Sorry @John_Brock could you elaborate on what “layout on” does on windows, I’ve never heard of that command. Thanks

I think the Help file can do a better job of that:|Alphabetical|L|_____2

Layout On/Off

When on, the layer is visible and you can see objects on this layer in a layout or detail.

Layout / Detail Color

The default screen display color for objects on this layer in a layout or detail.

Layout / Detail Print Color

The color assigned to the layout or detail layer for printing only.

Layout / Detail Print Width

The line width assigned to the layer for printing only. Specify a line width assigned to the layer for printing only or specify No Print if you do not want the layer or detail to print. Change the properties of individual objects with the Properties command.

As far as I remember, you can go to the layout detail, right click on layer and set “layer on in this detail only”, which turns it off in all other details.

Thanks John, I asked because I wasn’t clear what you meant by your expression “layer on”
I know all those commands and they are already implemented on Mac, actually as far as I know, the Layout functionality on both is the same with the same limitations.
The hide/show in detail command is also implemented on Mac. The problem being here is that after you have created and organized many details, if you create a new layer it’ll populate on all of yours details, and in order to deactivate that layer you have to go one by one in all your details, imagine the pain of doing that for 100 details!
There is not possible workaround for that neither on windows or Mac that I’m aware of, or am I mistaken?

Yes, I know you can do that. But that is not gonna solve your problem. I mean, you can activate every detail and turn off the new created layer for every detail. But we are looking for a better solution, aren’t we?

Edit: Sorry I misunderstood what you wrote, are you sure you can do that on windows?

It’s like the HideInDetail command, but it’s on a layer basis.
When you have a layer you don’t want to display in a Layout, double click in the Detail and in the Layer Panel, in the Layout On column, turn off the lightbulb.

AutoCAD has a layer setting that is something like “automatically hide this layer in all new paperspace”.
Rhino does not have an equivalent tool if that’s what you’re looking for.

Yes, this is what I’m talking about. But you have to do it for every detail, right?