New in Rhino WIP 2017-Jun-27

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New in this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation: Feet and inches Dim gets wrong length factor (RH-39869)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Feet dims are showing inches (RH-39896)
  • Annotation: Styles:
    • Annotation Style Linear Unit Scaling Incorrectly (RH-39889)
    • Annotation Style Linear Unit Scaling Incorrectly (RH-39972)
  • Annotation: Text: RichTextArea and Italics (RH-38533)
  • Cycles: Linear workflow wrong (RH-38639)
  • EditPythonScript: RhinoCommon help in Python editor output window formatted incorrectly (RH-40068)
  • File IO:
    • Cannot read this PDF (RH-33213)
    • PDF - Colors incorrect in Rhino (RH-37213)
    • Trying to open PDF results in Bad Reference error (RH-36435)
  • Mesh: NGons: Fix ngon face copy bug Marlin found with XCode 9 (RH-39945)
  • Panels: UI document handling (Panel document context) (RH-30463)
  • Print: High resolution PDFs show tiling lines (RH-37143)
  • Properties:
    • Add a ObjectPropertiesPage.ModifyObjects method (RH-38275)
    • Dimension property panel Style too small for Style name (RH-35950)
    • Value and unit overlapped in Properties > Text panel (RH-35947)
  • Rendering: Some post effects make entire render black (RH-37715)
  • Rendering: Materials: RDK Modal Editor SDK is incorrect / incomplete (RH-39649)
  • SDK:
    • RDK Collapsible sections should request a specific view model by ID (RH-37256)
    • Rhino3dmIO Update for V6 (RH-38573)
  • Settings: Move ImportFileLayerMatchingOption() to CRhinoAppFileSettings (RH-39539)
  • Sweep1: Twisted pipe (RH-15543)

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