New in Rhino WIP 2017-Aug-15

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New in this release:


  • ReduceMesh: Add double-precision vertex support (RH-37111)
  • PackageManager: Update Yak to 0.2.1 (RH-40769)
  • ApplyDisplacement: Needed on subobjects (RH-27703)
  • New Command: SphereTangentToThreeSurfaces (RH-40569)


  • Cycles: rephrasing in rhinocycles xml file (RH-40349)
  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper Component Wizard Wording (RH-36731)
  • Installer: rhiexec icon is the same for .gh and .rhi. (RH-40647)
  • Rhino Installer Engine: rhi associated with current rhiexec have no icon (RH-40397)


  • Annotation:
    • Bounding Box too big (RH-36332)
    • Editing leaders and text that include stacked fractions, loses the stacked fraction [[ x/x ]] formatting (RH-40751)
  • ApplyDisplacement:
    • Box style WCS doesn’t work for displacement (RH-40649)
  • DPI Aware: Text and image in package install splash look pixelated (RH-37434)
  • Display:
    • Blocks are “dark” in default Shaded display (RH-40227)
    • Delay when swapping modes (RH-39965)
    • Doesn’t work correctly when shadows are involved (RH-40538)
    • Inconsistent on an new display mode (RH-38537)
    • Locking layer hides the block (RH-40375)
    • Projected textures on shadows (RH-40316)
    • Rendered mode produces display artifacts with transformations (RH-40752)
    • While saving the view jumps around (RH-40149)
  • Docking: Toolbar layout not remembered (RH-39570)
  • Eto: ETO CheckBox & RadioButton text alignment and disabled state of text not light grey (RH-40474)
  • Extend: ExtendDynamic (RH-40364)
  • File IO:
  • FilletEdge:
  • Grasshopper:
    • Colour HSL + alpha is busted (RH-40684)
    • Kangaroo’s latest version is in conflict with what installs with the v6 WIP (RH-40588)
    • Slow to load definitions with thousands of runtime message errors (RH-39788)
  • Picture: Split Picture changes image mapping when Shrink is applied (RH-40516)
  • Rendering: Procedural texture resolution degrades in Rendered mode (RH-40205)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Glass materials don’t show up Rendered mode (RH-40747)
    • RhinoRender transparency is wrong (RH-40152)
    • Texture preview with Alpha has artifacts (RH-40287)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: WCS mapping preview doesn’t match result in Rendered view (RH-40145)
  • Rhino Installer Engine: Updating toolbars, help files,… dialog appears every time Rhino starts (RH-40594)
  • Selection: Crossing selection incorrectly selecting degree 2+ wires (RH-40202)
  • ShadedViewport:
    • Custom render meshes don’t shade if object outside view (RH-40757)
  • Snapshot:
    • Restore undoes modeling changes (RH-38665)
  • TextObject: Italic button won’t work when TextObject command repeats (RH-40581)
  • Toolbar: GumballAutoReset needs a graphic icon (RH-40274)
  • UI Cleanup:
    • Focal Blur radio buttons do not respond to clicks on their text (RH-40128)
    • XP-Style Render Settings dialog (RH-40632)
  • UVEditor: Cannot display texture in Render mode (RH-38022)
  • Update System: Updates & Statistics page fails to show Check Now link label (RH-40560)
  • Zoo: RhinoAccounts Client:
    • Automatically re-getting a lease after a remote void process can be improved. (RH-40486)
    • Login and Logout (RH-40502)

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