New in Rhino WIP 2017-May-16

Rhino WIP 2017-May-16 is now available. Download Now.

New in this release:



  • UDT: New Roadlike option (RH-38859)
  • Printing, ViewCaptureToClipboard and ViewCaptureToFile now support very high resolution capturing without tiling artifacts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:

    • Add support for snapping to dimensions to other dimensions (RH-39345)
    • Edit Leader dialog should remember control positions (RH-39136)
  • Annotation: Leader:

  • Blend: Crash on Perpendicular (RH-39270)

  • Block: X button doesn’t cancel CopyLinkedBlockDefinition command (RH-39150)

  • CloseCrv: New options (RH-39271)

  • Cycles:

    • Frosted glass converted to custom material doesn’t work fully (RH-38636)
    • Raytraced mode won’t render large model (RH-39284)
  • Displacement: Custom render meshes don’t provide their bounding box (RH-39363)

  • Display:

    • Artifacts in rendered mode (RH-38685)
    • Edges and isocurves get clipped in the display (RH-39231)
    • Reloading a file causes the 360 environment to not display in Rendered mode (RH-39116)
    • Rotating quickly causes this model to enter Wireframe display while in Shaded (RH-39110)
    • Technical hidden lines are goofy (RH-39040)
  • File IO:

  • Grasshopper: Sets > List > Weave component options behavior inconsistent. (RH-39262)

  • MoveUVNOn: German command line options (RH-38693)

  • OpenNURBS:

    • CityBlueprint and CountryBlueprint fonts don’t display correctly (RH-39176)
  • Print: High resolution PDFs show tiling lines (RH-37143)

  • SDK:

    • Make CRhinoObject::IsSelectable virtual (RH-38156)
    • Review V6 SDK Cleanup Document (RH-38938)
  • SDK: Python:

    • rhinoscryptsyntax.SaveFileName outputs DeprecationWarning (RH-38475)
    • rs.OpenFileName() calls deprecated function (RH-38713)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:

    • Expose RhinoSmoothMesh C++ SDK function to RhinoCommon (RH-38462)
    • Provide method for plug-in to get current Scheme name (RH-39287)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: Set windows position of RhinoScript dialogs (RH-37225)

  • SetDocumentUserText: String correction in UserTextPanels.cs (RH-39171)

  • Settings: Custom material setting doesn’t persist in display mode (RH-37461)

  • Snapshot:

    • Locked objects fail to get hidden in a Snapshot (RH-38619)
    • Mesh modifiers added (RH-39313)
  • Subobject Selection:

    • Revive V5 version of TestToggleSubObjectSelect (RH-39034)
    • Verbal deselection feedback does not support subobjects (RH-39247)
    • Windows selecting curve subobject reported as (null) (RH-39194)
  • TextObject: Figure out a way to prevent closing of single stroke fonts when bCloseOpenContours is false. (RH-39182)

  • Trim: Curve can’t be trimmed after a shift picking (RH-39228)

  • Undo: Does not bring back deleted hatch pattern (RH-38667)

  • More Details

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.strong text

Any clue when the beta will release?

The standard answer is “When it’s ready”.

Everyone knows this.
So a non-standard answer is very well welcome.

Our list of items to fix is generated by testers like you that exercise the code to do your work.

As you find and report problems, we can assess if they are egregious enough to postpone release. When the list of known problems is small enough and minor enough they can be fixed with a later service release, it’s ready for Beta release.
Then more people will be attracted to use it and more critical, real-life testing will occur.

Sometimes the requests are too ambitious for the next upcoming release and they get pushed off for future development.

Right now we’re concentrating on getting the Software Development Kit that other developers use to write plug-ins, completed, and “frozen” so they can begin their development work. Rhino with no plug-ins isn’t useful to many people.

This is the process we use to develop Rhino, and why it is impossible to give a release date.

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There are a few major parts of Rhino that still need to be finished up before we release:

  • The SDK, as John Brock mentioned
  • Annotation: We’ve added more flexible styling and support for rich text throughout all our annotation objects.
  • Display: We’ve been completely reworking the way Rhino displays your model in the viewports. Our goal is to provide a faster, more stable display, while building a foundation that allows us to add cool features in the future.

There are also quite a few bugs on the list that we’d like to squish before we release Rhino for sale.

Here’s an overview of the major work we’ve done for Rhino 6. Much of it is complete, and Rhino seems to be coming together now. We never make promises about release dates, because we prefer to have Rhino work well when we launch instead of hitting an arbitrary release date.


@brian That overview is a major breakthrough in customer communication for McNeel! It looks like “lack of resources” no longer prevents you from keeping up with the big boys. Keep up the good work.

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