New in Rhino WIP 2017-May-30

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New in this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation: property panels don’t load properly (RH-39534)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • Changing font in dimstyle doesn’t change the font in text (RH-39018)
    • Yen and diameter symbols don’t work with CityBlueprint and CountryBlueprint fonts in Text objects. (RH-39377)
  • Arctic display:
    • Arctic Mode objects black (RH-39118)
    • Arctic mode incorrectly displays color (RH-39255)
  • ArrayLinear: Preview is clipped (RH-39140)
  • BlendSrf: Crash running -BlendSrf (RH-39436)
  • Cycles:
    • Changing the rotation of the environment takes a long time (RH-33756)
    • Clipped rendering (RH-39158)
    • Float texture management can run into limit (RH-34882)
    • Raytraced environment intensity change is slow (RH-39423)
  • Display:
    • Array preview is clipped if GPU tessellation is used (RH-39348)
    • Block not displaying (RH-39428)
    • Blocks set to use ghosted mode only display correctly when selected (RH-39146)
    • Layers off in a block still display (RH-39322)
    • No GH previews in shaded modes (RH-39470)
    • View degradation remains even after releasing the mouse button (RH-39235)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3: Implement shadows support for OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile (RH-36357)
  • ExtendSrf:
  • File IO: Crash while opening DXF 2004 file (RH-39443)
  • Grasshopper:
    • GH Quick Export Image broken. (RH-39442)
    • That disconnecting wires from output ports will result in output containing empty data (RH-38268)
  • No Subsystem: GH "Text Fragment"component data lost (RH-38953)
  • PointDeviation:
    • Allow surface analysis mesh as point input (RH-39429)
    • Filter the first input (RH-39319)
  • Print: Settings not saved (RH-39168)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • No way to assign a RenderMaterial to an object in C# (RH-39495)
    • PlugIn.LoadPlugIn(Guid) does not work like PlugInManager dialog (RH-39374)
  • SrfPtGrid: Fails in closed surfaces (RH-39121)
  • Toolbar: Unlink shortcut (RH-123)
  • Zoo: CloudZoo Client:
    • Add capability in Rhino’s Licenses page to “unlicense” a license (RH-39294)
    • Add landing page when adding a license (RH-39302)
    • Informative validation error needed for a license already in Cloud Zoo (RH-39291)
    • ShowModal() causes Notification date to update incorrectly. (RH-38887)

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