F1 car - Subd tests this week

I’ve been beating the living h#ll out of Subd lately and this was the result this week-

didn’t record the build because I was testing stuff and did lots of things over and over to see if I could break them. The good news is I couldn’t which was awesome, because I can usually break ANYTHING software related.

In lieu of a recording, I’ve posted the model below if you want to dig into it and see how it was built.

Nothing fancy despite the complex result, it was built completely with “paperdoll” sections that were bent using the bend command and then bridged together. I do almost all my modeling in Box mode then the do the final tweaks in smooth mode.

WTH is “paperdoll?” see here: NEW! - Weekly Subd modeling challenge

subd_f1.zip (3.4 MB)


Hi Kyle~

As Sub-D challenge each time, I will touch something new.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :thinking:

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Great, thanks !