30 min of playing with Subd

I’m on phones doing tech today and in between calls have been picking at one of my all time favorite cars. It’s insanely an gorgeous and infuriating car to try to model. I’ve tried this car several times in Nurbs and it’s my go to as a torture test of any new software.

Clearly it’s not perfect form a form point of view, BUT I was really pleased with how fast this came together and how easy it was to get here.

nothing fancy here, I laid out some curves rebuilt them to be subd friendly and then stitched, bridged and manually extruded faces to make the basic shapes… a little beveling and this was the result.

without wires

with wires

model if you want to play too!
TR.3dm (1.9 MB)

there will be lots of reference at theblueprints.com


Vert nice looking shell of a hugely complex car to model in Nurbs

finished piece-

one more view

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