Multi-Save loop

I don’t know what causes it… doesn’t seem to happen all the time… but it’s quite irritating!

I noticed the same bug a few weeks back, and nobody cared to reply to my thread, so don’t expect much. :wink:

Weird. I haven’t seen this one. Looks very annoying.

@curtisw any ideas here? I’m drawing a blank.

Happens to me as well!

Is there a specific GH file that will always cause this?
A specific workflow?

I think it’s related to having multiple rhino windows open and switching between grasshopper sessions? I will try to discern more patterns.

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Hm, I haven’t seen this problem before but it certainly does look annoying. I’ve created an issue here RH-57116 to take a look at it. My guess is some close or activate events are firing differently than before.

@andheum if you figure out how to reliably reproduce it please let me know.

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Look at my description in the link above that I posted weeks ago and where I describe in detail when it usually happens! It seems to correlate with having multple Rhino/Grasshopper sessions open.

Hey @andheum and @diff-arch-

Curtis committed some fixes for this issue recently. The fixes aren’t in an official build just yet, but since I can’t seem to reproduce this issue reliably, I thought perhaps you two could use test with this dujour build and see if the bug is fixed or not.

Any better?

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Hey @dan,

Unfortunately, this issue still pops up from time to time, although it was noted to be fixed in the release notes of the latest update. I just encountered it!
I had a Rhino document with Grasshopper open, then opened a second Grasshopper file, by double-clicking it in Finder, which launches another empty Rhino document and opens Grasshopper. After that I closed the first document and the Grasshopper save loop happened!

Thanks for letting us know. Just to be absolutely certain we’re testing in the same spot, what is the full version number in which you’re still experiencing the bug? (6.25.20114.03572?)

Yes, Version 6 (6.25.20114.03572, 2020-04-23)! Thanks.

@wim Can you please attempt to reproduce this issue? Perhaps something about opening the second Grasshopper document from Finder.

@dan - FWIW, I was able to reproduce this but need to spend more time to try and nail down a work-flow that is both necessary and sufficient…

This issue was filed as RH-58667


Nice! That’s good news. I know how that goes.

Is there any update/fix for this by now? It is still occuring for me.
It is very unnerving that I cant be sure if the file was saved. Some workshop participants on mac have also reported, that the file was saved-over with a previous version and was not recoverable when hitting save during the save-loop. I was not able to reproduce this behaviour. Is there a best-practice advice on how to avoid this?

GH on mac is very unintuitive in terms of opening windows and having multiple Rhino+gh files open at the same time. It is not clear what is currently open, and what has been saved.

Hi Robin -

RH-58667 was fixed and tested, yes.

Could you please attach your Rhino SystemInfo and the necessary steps to reproduce the issue on your machine?