Multi-Save loop

I don’t know what causes it… doesn’t seem to happen all the time… but it’s quite irritating!

I noticed the same bug a few weeks back, and nobody cared to reply to my thread, so don’t expect much. :wink:

Weird. I haven’t seen this one. Looks very annoying.

@curtisw any ideas here? I’m drawing a blank.

Happens to me as well!

Is there a specific GH file that will always cause this?
A specific workflow?

I think it’s related to having multiple rhino windows open and switching between grasshopper sessions? I will try to discern more patterns.

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Hm, I haven’t seen this problem before but it certainly does look annoying. I’ve created an issue here RH-57116 to take a look at it. My guess is some close or activate events are firing differently than before.

@andheum if you figure out how to reliably reproduce it please let me know.

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Look at my description in the link above that I posted weeks ago and where I describe in detail when it usually happens! It seems to correlate with having multple Rhino/Grasshopper sessions open.

Hey @andheum and @p1r4t3b0y-

Curtis committed some fixes for this issue recently. The fixes aren’t in an official build just yet, but since I can’t seem to reproduce this issue reliably, I thought perhaps you two could use test with this dujour build and see if the bug is fixed or not.

Any better?

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