Unsaved grasshopper dialogue won't close

After I close a Rhino 6 (Mac Beta) file and if there is an unsaved GH file, I get a pop-up dialogue (as normal) to offer me a last chance to save the definition. When I click close (officially denying to save), it continues to pop-up until I opt to save the file.

Hi @Shane_Jezowski1-

That sounds annoying. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this on today’s latest build.

Here are the steps I took to reproduce it:

  1. Launch the RhinoWIP and started a new modeling window.
  2. Ran the Grasshopper command.
  3. Added a point component to the canvas.
  4. Clicked on the Rhino window to make it “key” (active).
  5. Pressed Command+Q to Quit.
  6. I am presented with a Grasshopper Save dialog. I clicked the Close button, Rhino closes as expected.

What steps are we doing differently?

Can you please post your SystemInfo here so we can take a look?

Thanks for reporting this, btw.

Hey Dan,

I also do not seem to be able to reproduce this after recently updating. I will continue to keep noting any oddities and I will follow-up here if I notice this happening under a certain series of commands and uses.

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