Grasshopper save dialogue bug!


I’ve noticed after updating to the latest Rhino for Mac (6.20.19295.15382, 2019-10-22) that there sometimes seems to be a bug when exiting Rhino/Grasshopper with multiple open documents.

In the documented case above, I had two Rhino documents and two Grasshopper sessions open. When I tried to quit (CMD + Q) the Grasshopper save dialogue repeatedly kept popping up. I must have pressed the Close button at least 20 times, before it finally stopped.

Furthermore, some components seem to be missing the “live editing” feature of component inputs of previous version?
If I’m not mistaken, we used to be able to change, for instance a vector input, by right-clicking and live editing default vector coordinates (inside a small white textfield).


Now, certain components go straight to setting the input from Rhino (i.e. t input of Move component), or separate dialogue pops up in sometimes weird locations, while the right-click menu closes. Didn’t the dialogue previously stick to the right-click menu?

Any ideas?