Multi-Save loop

don’t be sad :slight_smile: they will fix it!


Damn! I can’t reproduce this in 7.2.21012.11002 on macOS 11.1.

Here is my even more detailed version of the steps I used to follow you…

  1. Launch Rhino 7.2.21012.11002, start a new model, draw a Box at the origin and save it as ~/Desktop/Test-File1.3dm.
  2. Quit Rhino.
  3. Launch Rhino 7.2.21012.11002 and start a new modeling window.
  4. Run Grasshopper. I open an existing grasshopper definition found in my Documents folder. It does not reference any Rhino geometry or file.
  5. I click the Rhino window to make it key and navigate to File > Open and I open ~/Desktop/Test-File1.3dm created in step 1.
  6. I click on the Untitled Rhino modeling window in the background to make it key. I click the little red x in the upper right-hand corner of the window to close the file. It closes as expected.
  7. I press Command+Q on my keyboard to Quit Rhino.

Expected behavior: As no documents have been modified in any way, everything quits.
Actual behavior: Same as expected.

I wonder what we’re doing differently here. It sounds like you can do this with pretty much any definition or existing 3dm file. Is that the case?

Rhino 7.2.21012.17002 on Mac

open existing 3dm drawing
open existing GH file
modify GH file
close Rhino
→ multisave dialog pops up and shows all files with unsaved changes. This is great, but it’s not possible to close without save (if you want to dismiss the changes). The dialog pops up in an endless loop.

Hello- so far I do not see this - are you clicking ‘Close’ in that multisave dialog?


Thank you for the quick reply. In the meantime I updated to 7.3.21039.11202 and now I can’t reproduce it. I will keep an eye on it and get back to you (hopefully with more information) if it happens again.


It happened again with 7.3.21039.11202, see attached video

But I’m unable to reproduce intentionally :frowning:

I think the process was

  • close Rhino
  • double click on an existing GH file (possibly V6) in the finder, Rhino and GH will open
  • modify the GH file
  • close it.

Small detail: clicking on “close”, the dialog disappears. Once the mouse is move, it appears again. It will not reappear as long as the mouse is not moved after clicking “close”

I merged these two topics :point_up: because it appears to be the same issue.

I wish we could reproduce this one.

I could not, yet anyway.


I’ve unfortunately managed to capture this bug again in Rhino 7 (7.5.21068.13002, 2021-03-09)!

Keep in mind that I must have clicked Cancel at least 3 to 5 times, before even beginning the screen recording!

I’m pretty sure that it is somehow linked to having more than one Rhino file and also multiple instances of Grasshopper open, but maybe not one for every Rhino document!
Also, I have theory that it could be linked to having Grasshopper files from macOS and Windows open at the same time?


@dan, @pascal

To be totally honest, the issue seems to be rampant again in 7.5., I’ve encountered it at least 5 times in the last couple of days. Something must have changed, since 7.4?

I tried again, today, at length, to reproduce this issue in Rhino 7.6 (7.6.21127.19002) and I could not. I just don’t think we have the right steps down. I fully believe it’s happening - I can see that clearly from the video - but I can’t seem to make the bug happen “on demand.” Any help providing steps would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan! Don’t worry about it. I’m currently using the latest “experimental” Rhino (7.7.21151.13002, 2021-05-31) pretty heavily and haven’t encountered it any more. It might or might not be fixed, but it looks great so far!

I realize this bug likely manifests itself after you’ve done 50 different steps in a very particular sequence…I hate these kind, because I can never remember what I did to reproduce them.

I was considering taking a full week sometime and just model all week with screen recording turned on so that when I see a bug, I can rewind the video. Sometimes, it feels like the only way I can isolate and reproduce these sorts of bugs.

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Yeah, I can only imagine. :slight_smile:

Hi @dan, since few RH7 versions, I had no problem with this pop-up window, and it was great ! However, the last update (7.11.21264.11002, 2021-09-21) seems to have broken something, and it’s worse than ever : if it appears, I can only either save my GH file (even though I don’t need it) or force quit rhino…

Thanks for reporting this @flixchameroy. This is one of those ones we have a very hard time reproducing, but I’ve been hearing more reports of this lately. If you can come up with a reliable file and steps to reproduce it, please let us know.

cc: @curtisw I’ve been attempting to reproduce this again this morning…no luck. I can’t think of anything that would have changed between 7.10 and 7.11 that might have caused a regression on this one.


Just was looking at this one again and had a little aha moment. I think the key to reproducing this is to have multiple Rhino documents and to close/open the Grasshopper window multiple times. I can reliably reproduce this with the following steps…

  1. Create a new Rhino document
  2. Run Grasshopper and drag something on to the canvas
  3. Close the Grasshopper window (aha!)
  4. Create another Rhino document (two should now be open)
  5. Run Grasshopper on that new Rhino document and drag something on to the canvas
  6. Close the Grasshopper window (aha!)
  7. Switch to the first Rhino document and close it.

You’ll get the dialog shown twice, which is obviously incorrect. I believe the more you close/open grasshopper the more times it’ll show the dialog.

Now, to try to figure out why


RH-57116 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16 Release Candidate