Is Grasshopper a separate process?

Hey @dan,

I crossed the scenario, where the multi-save loop would happen for me, a couple of times during the last week and a half, and so far it seems to be fixed! Thanks, @dan and crew.

I have another question! On macOS, you can launch Grasshopper directly. I guess this must mean that Grasshopper is a standalone app?
However, when I do so, which by the way is super neat, Rhino seems to launch very sluggishly. I’ve timed it with my mobile phone a couple of times and the launch takes about 1/3 times longer than launching the standard way. :slight_smile:

I’m curious, is the Grashopper window sometimes blacking or whitening out during inactivity also linked to it being a separate process?

Moving this to a new topic because… it is a new topic :wink:

No, Grasshopper is not a separate process. It is a plugin (a dll) for Rhino.

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