Moderator Edited Topics?

? —> <—?

recently lets say since beginning of 2017 i have noticed a huge amount of moderator editing by mc neel attendants. i assume this is not on purpose so some bug maybe?

here one kinda harsh example Made a thing, think you guys might like it :)
but basically you find that issue now on every original post after a mc neel attendant answered.

I think what’s happening is that they recently introduced a feature to mark a topic as “solved”, so when a question has been answered, or the topic contains no question, it gets edited to solved status.
This way the staff can focus their efforts on unsolved topics to better help everyone involved.

That is exactly what is happening

now again, right after you answered it got edited. but why would it keep changing the tags, tags which are not even visible to others? i saw this solved- feature introduced but it actually never happened on other parts other than serengeti.

i first saw this happening when i posted my holiday wishes which have nothing to do with solved or not solved but still it got edited twice… Happy Holidays

A tag named “unhandled” which is only visible to staff is added to a post when a user adds a comment. We remove this tag when we feel the topic has been handled. This was probably the easiest system to get in place so we can try to make sure posts are properly being handled. The unfortunate side effect is that it currently looks like we are editing your posts (we aren’t). This will feature is new and will probably improve over time.